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Graphic designer & digital artist



Hello! I'm Mio. I'm a vtuber who is also a graphic designer and digital artist. I've been working in the streaming industry since 2018. I create minimalist designs with a touch of sparkle to create the best balance. I enjoy drawing emotes, sub badges and illustrations. I currently do not have any limitations on what I'm willing to do or draw. If you'd like to work with me, just send me an email! 

watermarked full wallpaper.png


Emotes & sub badges

Twitch, discord

Stream graphics

Panels, webcam frame, social media header, offline banner, overlays, vtuber logo's & more.


Icon, bust up, half body, full body

Stream package

Basic, standard, premium

Get in Touch

If your interested in getting a commission from me, feel free to shoot me a message via my twitter or my email. I try to respond whenever I can so don't be afraid to try and reach out! I'm always happy to consult with clients with what they need in regards to their stream graphics or illustrative work.

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