Hello! I'm Mio. I'm a vtuber who is also a graphic designer and digital artist. I've been vtubing since July of 2020. I'm a variety streamer who streams anything from games to drawing. I also thoroughly enjoy shitposting on my twitter.

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Vtuber lore:
Mio is a once powerful demon catgirl from the realm of the Clouds. One day, a divine hunger came over Mio as she entered her Chaotic mood, and she descended from the Clouds to feed on the wretched souls below. To better understand her prey, she took to the internet in search of information on their weaknesses. She watched twitch Vtuber streams to learn the speech of mankind, and easily adopted their many complex linguistic terms such as “poggers” and “pepelaff”. However, the more she watched the streams and the more she learned about her potential quarry, her motivation to hunt diminished. Finally, on a stormy day tucked away in her home, the rain pattering against the windows and the comforting sounds of the Twitch stream in front of her, Mio’s demonic powers fled her body. Her hunger for human souls was locked away deep inside her, replaced by a new desire: becoming a Vtuber.


​Character details:
Gender: Girl

Birthday: 26.05

Personality: cheerful, sistery, shy and calm.

Hair: Fringe cut bangs. Long white and black hair.

Eyes: Left is a light blue, right is a light yellow.

Body: Slim pear, C cup size.

Outfit styles: Off the shoulder cloudy blue dress. Streetwear themed cloudy design.

Favorite colors: Light blue, lilac, peachy pink, soft yellows.

Likes: Cafe desserts. Sweet drinks. Rain and ocean sounds. Sleeping. Drawing & designing. Salmon and avocado sushi & koroke. Chocolate/coffee/full cream milk.

Dislikes: Rain falling on my head. Rice. shoes getting wet. Insects. Being yelled at. Arguments. Being boolied.

Blue dress reference imgs: nya
Streetwear outfit reference imgs: owo

Cat pictures: uwu

Art commissions & fanart