Terms of service

Please make sure you have clear image references or a detailed word reference and idea(s) before filling out my commission form.

All prices are listed in USD, and a 5% Paypal fee will be added to the total of your invoice. Payment must be received in full before the commission starts.

If you file a chargeback against me, your personal non-commercial right to everything that I have ever made for you will be retracted, and I hold the right to resell the artwork or designs to new buyers. You will be blacklisted from ever obtaining a commission from me, Sleepyymio (Mio) ever again. I will publicly post your name everywhere that I want others to watch out for.  I have every right to file a complaint and have all the right to the money that you have paid me concerning the commission.

If payment has not been received on my end, I have the right to cancel your commission.

You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after payment has been received. If the money has not been sent, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.

If you have a deadline that needs to be met, please let me know beforehand to confirm if I can meet it.

Maximum of 2 free revisions of SKETCHES until submitted (not including linework or coloured process). Any complete reworks of the commission will cost the amount of the original work.

If I have to start a new sketch, you'll be expected to pay the full price for a new to emote.

Designs have a maximum of 2 free revisions. New designs will be charged as the full price.


Permissions and copyright (personal use)

If you have not purchased a separate commercial fee, I the artist (Mio, Sleepyymio) own all rights to your commission. This means you are not allowed to use it for profitable merchandise.

You're allowed to use the commission for icons, wallpapers or any graphics for your social media.

You are allowed to print the commission for your own physical copy as long as it is not being reproduced for profit. This will apply to any other physical form of your commission.

You have to pay for the complete rights of the design for commercial use and resale or work out a royalty agreement (contract will be made for this).

Once I receive payment for the order, no refunds will be issued unless I see fit to the reasoning and agree to issue a refund.

If you redistribute the commissioned works without paying the release fees/royalty agreement, I reserve the right to decline future commissions.

Do not redistribute my work on any site without my permission and without crediting me.
I reserve the right to decline or request removal of any commission that I see fit or not in compliance with my terms.


Rush Orders and Fees

Rush Orders are available for an additional 50% of commission price, and you will be bumped to the top of the order queue.

My current turn around time without rush order is between a month to 4 months (at the longest). Please note that I am human too, so I will have times where I will get sick or be faced with personal matters which interrupt my workflow. However, if anything was to happen, I will reach out to you personally to let you know.

Rushing your order will allow you to jump to the front of my commission queue and become the priority commission within the list. The turn around for rush orders can vary between a week to 3 weeks depending on the number of rush orders I currently have and the amount of work that is being requested from me.

Commissions would not have an immediate deadline unless this were discussed before payment. I do not accept any sudden deadlines after payment, and you will be expected to pay a rush fee.

The turnaround time also depends on how many commissions that I currently have, which you can check HERE.